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Little Wren Cookery School is the original cooking school in Geelong… just for kids!

Toddler classes, after school classes, hands-on fun

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set your children up for a lifelong, positive attitude to food…

Weekly cooking programs for ages 3-5 years, 5-7 years and one just for 8-12 years!
Toddler and after-school classes available
Hands-on fun
Entertainment and education
Fun environment to learn the joy of real cooking

What we offer

We educate and entertain pre-school and primary school aged children (3-12 years) by providing a weekly cooking program enabling them to learn the joy of cooking through self-discovery, enhancing their knowledge about where food comes from and help to make healthy nutritional choices.

The classes will teach children new invaluable skills for life in a fun environment, enriching their self-confidence along the way.

Educate them early

Every parent knows that lifelong habits are learned early. We believe children are never too young to get involved in the kitchen.

First, they watch how food is made from scratch and spend time at the family table. They may help a little, by adding some sugar, breaking an egg, stirring the stock. Soon kids want to do it all.

Just like swimming or music lessons, this is an ideal time to seek professional help.

Healthy for life

In order to encourage children to start to eat a more healthy diet, it is imperative we get them into the kitchen and show them what the right and wrong foods are but also how delicious they can be.

It is also important to educate children early about the cornerstones of a healthy diet and set them up for a lifelong, positive attitude to food – particularly vital now with diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and allergies on the rise.

Fussy eater?

Fussy eating amongst toddlers is very common and one way to overcome this is to involve a child in preparation of meals. This encourages them to eat or at least try new foods.

Little Wren Cookery School classes aim to help children in this process, assisted by many of our local small food businesses in the communities, particularly using organic fruit and vegetables where possible.